Organic Food Source CEO

Bodiuz Zaman

Founder & CEO

Organic Food Source Message

Our company’s building stands firm on the foundation of five pillars that are of key importance to every individual working here






We do not just “talk” about quality we “live” it. This is one that parameter which we never shut our eyes to. We aim and strive to provide our clients with best of the best. We focus on continuous learning to add on to the quality work and to excel in market by providing the unrivalled quality standards. With us as your power planners, you can sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that your work is going to be done at its best.

At Halal Food, service is not merely an idea. It’s the key to how we make our way to customer’s loyalty and this never stops here. We believe in making a continuous effort to maintain what’s being already achieved and to toil for what’s not yet achieved. Each person in our organization must commit to serve our clients with the attitude of passion, excellence and highest level of integrity. We believe that this is a kind of service that will always result in obtaining the impeccable references and an impressive list of clients.

Creativity is a thing common to success in every field. Effective approach and efficient work amalgamated with innovative ideas is what we believe to be a perfect recipe for excellence. We commit to provide our clients with the best options and the most efficient solutions to their power problems.

We try to provide our employees with the environment so comfortable that they can work at their best to give maximum output. Our commitment is to prepare as individual and as a corporation to work at our peak performances.

By focusing on all the important success parameters, we want to achieve an ultimate goal that is CLIENT’S SATISFACTION. This helps strengthen our relationship with our clients which for us is one great accomplishment. This gives one an immense pleasure to have a kind of a bond with clients where they can trust company with their projects and consider it for future goals as well.

Success and failure in the journey of achieving goals ultimately comes down to one thing: PEOPLE. It is often said: “Employees are the real asset of a company” and that is a cliché. They can make or mar the image of the company they work for. Therefore, our company invests in making a team of technically dynamic, forward-looking and highly professional individuals to come up to the expectations of our clients.

Our people have always been hardworking and we continue to believe that our services and the value we add to the customers’ business will always remain the fundamental elements of our success.